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Gaming Area

A Place to slow down and play a game with your friends.

At The Game Store VA, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, but we also want to provide a safe clean space for you to enjoy those games. We have four large (6'x4') wargaming tables and sixteen+ tables for board games, role playing adventures, and TCG play. There's no cost to you and outside food and drink are allowed (sorry, no alcohol) - on the tables without play mat covers. Our only request is that you follow are Game Play Area Rules listed below and posted within the store.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.


The Game Play Area Rules

The Basics:

Anyone may use the gaming area for almost any gaming activity; actual gaming will always trump other uses of the space - hanging/chatting, eating, watching videos, etc. The gaming area may be used during any open hours, please respect the employee’s time and start cleaning up prior to closing time. If there is a scheduled store organized gaming activity, priority use of the gaming space goes to the organized event.

The Specifics:

(Not a complete list and in no particular order) 

  • NO STEALING - Absolutely no stealing of items belonging to persons not you. The police will be called if this is found to have happened.

  • BE MINDFUL - We are a ‘G’ to ‘PG-13’ shop, so please watch your conversation, language, and clothing. You never know when a mother and child will walk in.

  • BE COOL - We are here to create a safe fun space for all. Bullying, racism, and intolerance of any kind will not be tolerated. Remember games are meant to be fun for all; good sportsmanship is a must, win or lose.

  • NO SELLING - Selling items is restricted to The Game Store itself. Individuals are prohibited from soliciting items to others, no exceptions - they’re called Trading Card Games, not Selling Card Games.

  • NO WEAPONS - Weapons of any kind - toys and props included - are prohibited in the store.

  • NO VANDALISM - Please don’t damage tables, chairs, other store property, or property belonging to others. 

  • RESPECT OTHERS PERSONAL SPACE - No touching, hitting, hugging, etc of others without their consent. Take a step back, they’ll still hear you.

  • NO SMOKING - Smoking, vaping, etc is prohibited by law inside the store. Take it outside and away from the entrance and walkway to be considerate of others.

  • BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS - Don’t geek spread. Don’t geek shame. Don’t block walkways or make trip hazards. Use headphones when watching videos on your phone. Wifi bandwidth is shared, don’t stream stuff for no reason.

  • NO LOITERING - Hanging out waiting for a friend to arrive? Cool. Taking a nap waiting for a friend or because you're bored? NOT COOL, you will be asked to leave.

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